Monday, 30 August 2010

Long Tail Sally

Well, Long Tail Sally she built for speed
She got everything Uncle Jim need
Determined to catch some of the blow this morning ahead of the day-shift I was at Newbiggin just after 06:15 to find TC driving like a pensioner into the car-park and the 'hide' already secured by Roger F who must have left Acomb under cover of darkness. You kind of got the feeling it might be a good day when one of the 'masters' was down from the big house at Newton mixing with the riff-raff.

I only had an hour and whilst the supporting cast of Gannetry and Kittiwake numbered in the thousands, quality was sadly lacking with only 2 Great Skuas and 2 Arctic Skuas pulled out the heavy sea.
Reports of a bit of scarce at Spurn (3 Barred and 3 Wood)and a newly found Wryneck at Minsmere just before I clocked off this afternoon had me pacing the ash lagoon banks at Newbiggin rather than looking at the sea. Two Common Whitethroat and  an other warbler later, the phone rang and it was Uncle Jim calling me back to the point after two adult Long-tailed Skua had gone through. 
Forty minutes later, nada, then out of the blue up pops another two an adult and a juvenile at decent distance. I even had a grab at it with the camera but it was just a little beyond my reach.

That might be it for Long-tails for me this year, I've a busy month ahead with my wife's (non birding) brother choosing to get married in September with all that entails.

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Anonymous said...

Like they say Alan - 'you can chose your friends.' How come people don't consider birders/football fans etc when booking a wedding?