Sunday, 8 August 2010


One of the reasons behind the now defunct Bird North East blog was that whilst Teeside and Durham were well served by their respective bird clubs when it came to publishing reasonably fresh sightings data on the Internet, Northumberland wasn't.
One of the reasons that the Bird North East blog is now defunct is that Northumberland & Tyneside Bird Club have been trialling and have now launched a sightings page. Club members can now post sightings via email direct to the page from the field (after registration) or direct onto the site via the web. Sightings will also be 'gathered' from other sources such as Birdguides to provide a wider overview of what club members have seen and what's around in the county.
The sightings page is now free to view by all and can be found at
If you want to join NTBC, to post your own sightings and get Birds In Northumbria the annual report as well as 12 monthly emailed bulletin summaries and 8 Indoor Meetings as well as Field Trips all for a mere £ 23, full details are on the website at the link above.


John Hague said...

Have you tried twitter? LROS have a twitter account that Andy Mackay manages. First reports of County rarities go out as a twitter message. A brilliant way to do things.

Billy Confused?? said...

With the best will in the world you can't compete with RBA, so why bother?

Too many sources of info when all we need is one.

I don't get it?

alan tilmouth said...

To address your questions first

1. The national information services offer paid services that are aimed at providing information on rare and scarce birds, There are many species that never or very rarely get reported as they are deemed to be not newsworthy. Not all club members, birders, birdwatchers have the same narrow focus that you seem to assume they have and they certainly don't all use the national news services.
Examples locally would be Willow Tit, Kingfisher, Pintail, Red Kite that may go unreported but would be of interest to some local birders.
2. Regionally TBC,DBC and NNBC all offer sightings as part of their package to club members. As the provision of a sightings page in addition to the other excellent club resources is free then why should NTBC members not have a similar service?
3. We live in a world where the number of channels that people can use to access information has multiplied incredibly due to the Internet. NTBC is a charity and has to 'compete' loosely speaking with other organisations vying for people's money. A sightings page offers the club another opportunity to promote it's activities without incurring any additional cost.
4. One other point, anywhere between 30-50% of news reports put out by national information services on any given day are 'pulled' in from local club/society sites, yahoo newsgroups and individual blogs. The information you receive, via RBA, would therefore be much the poorer without local pages.

I would ask you a couple of questions though:

1. Why use a pseudonym?
2. If one organisation ever had a total monopoly on the provision of information what do you think would happen to the cost of that information to those that wish to use it?
3. Why not?

alan tilmouth said...

I should of course have
also pointed out these are my views and not necessarily representative of other committee members or club members so anything expressed here should always be viewed in that context.