Wednesday, 18 August 2010

FB Becomes MD

BirdGuides is pleased to announce that Dr Fiona Barclay has today been appointed Managing Director with immediate effect. Fiona has been running the company for the past three years and this move recognises her
accomplishments across several fronts. These include developing BirdGuidesʼ online news services, transforming operations and in building relationships with key partners; in particular the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

Fiona is not only a life-long birder; she is also keenly interested in many other aspects of field natural history including moths, butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees. Her passion for these subjects is already reflected in the catalogue of articles she has commissioned for BirdGuides online magazine ( A wide range of new mobile digital field guides are also in development, building on the success of BirdGuidesʼ existing iPhone reference apps, which earlier this week achieved number one ranking in Appleʼs iTunes store.

John Cromie, Technical Director of BirdGuides comments: “We are delighted that Fiona has agreed to become our MD. She has worked tirelessly to build the business and we are all excited by developments ahead. Fiona has an intuitive understanding of the new digital mobile technology that is poised to transform birding and field natural history.”


Anonymous said...


You do realise Birdguides are a money-making organisation don't you?

Its not like they do this stuff for the good of their health, mankind or even us birders.

If there wasn't a profit to be made they wouldn't exist - simple as.

Anonymous said...

Given the excellent iPhone apps already produced by Birdguides I'd really like to see European guides for Butterflies, Dragonflies and Mammals.

Most of all I really do hope Birdguides and Collins could get together to do an iPhone app for the wonderful Collins Bird Guide 2nd edition!

alan tilmouth said...

Anon - after 25 years in businesses, other peoples as well as my own I think I'm reasonably competent at spotting one.
Not sure what you're point is? That a team of birders and naturalists who saw an opportunity to create a business from their hobby shouldn't make a profit? Or are you suggesting that I shouldn't promote them on my blog because they're a business?
Are there many businesses that 'do stuff for the good of their health or mankind or birders'?
It is worth pointing out that Bird Clubs and charities can post adverts on Birdguides county pages for free and they also support ventures like the recent Spoon-billed Sandpiper research in Bangladesh.

The Urban Birder said...

The woman is simply amazing. An erstwhile unsung heroine who has finally got the recognition that she so totally deserves.

In my eyes, she is Birdguides.

Well done Fiona!