Monday, 2 August 2010

Bloody Technology

Sometimes I read other people's blogs and I it makes my blood boil, what is happening to our way of life and environment, these people with their gadgets and technology creating noise, disturbing the countryside and generally just getting in my way when I want some peace and quiet.

Take a look at this as a prime example of things just changing for the worse. Now when I was a lad all the local boys over the age of eight used to be able to make an extra few pennies at this time of year. We'd head on down to the local farm with our scythe and help with the harvest, we could have a kip in the hay after lunch and Quail would lift from our feet as we walked cutting the crops. Put your scythe in the ground upright , leave it for five minutes and you would come back to a Corn Bunting singing from the top of it.

Now you have all these townies appearing thinking it's clever to drive a bloody great piece of machinery through the fields and play with computers whilst they are doing it, and it has lasers to tell you if you've missed any, what's wrong with your bloody eyes mate?
Not content with that it'll tell you how much moisture is in the grain and probably even make you toast whilst you bloody work.

Call me a grumpy old sod but you'll not catch me with any of this new fangled technology, just not impressed by it at all. Anyway must go the Iphone is ringing.

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