Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Back to Bread & Butter

Three days was perhaps pushing it so no surprises the Sykes's Warbler has departed. I did have a look up early morning c.06:00 for an hour, arrived to find about 10 birders none too sure of the exact location. Common Whitethroat was the only warbler in the general vicinity this morning.
The last two of my species accounts for Birds in Northumbria completed today whilst the kids burnt off some energy at soft play, I briefly stopped at Bothal Pond on the way home. 20 Little Grebe dotted  the pond, two Wigeon back and a flyover calling Buzzard the bread & butter sightings.

Late afternoon I had the kids out for fresh air and took a large detour home to skirt the edge of a landfill after talking to Stef Mcelwee about the gull attendance. More reconnaissance required on this one.

After a tip-off from one birder returning home on the bus from the Syke's and passing through my home village I nipped out about 20:30 tonight to the nearby rough un-grazed meadow with a pond community park and had semi-decent views of hunting Long-eared Owl in the evening gloom.
The LEO completed the full set of British Owls within the 1km square occupied by my house (and a few others) which is kind of cool, even if it has taken 15 years and I only have one sighting each of the two Asios.

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