Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sublime Beauty

Sometimes you forget, mostly when the day to day grind of modern living is rubbing you the wrong way. Sometimes you stop looking for it and get caught up in the numbers of the recording processes, seemingly meaningless lists of numbers in small books that no one but you ever reads.

Sometimes the hurly burly of children and wife and family and work and school and events whirl around in your head like a sandstorm blocking out the light and chafing, scraping away in your head. Sometimes you seem to spend endless hours searching for it and not finding it, echoes of Bono mocking you as you seem never to find what you're looking for.

Sometimes there are moments that burn themselves into your memory, that evoke powerful reactions of a sense of belonging with the world around you. The wildness of the view ahead as we rise over the hill and The Cheviots lay ancient, unmoved and unchanged, ahead; the silence as the Barn Owl hangs, an arm length high, over my prostrate figure in the grass, bright shining white against the dark sky.

Sometimes I get reminded of just how far removed we are from the natural world around us and how little we, as individuals, know of it.
I caught a moth last night, one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever set eyes on. Six feet from my back door. Was it the first time it has ever visited my garden or is it a regular summer visitor? Have I missed the sublime beauty of this creature in everyone of the last 13 years I've lived here? Will I ever catch another?

Sometimes, just sometimes, something so incredibly stunning puts everything else into perspective.

Buff Arches - I'm in love.

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Marie Conalty said...

It's so extraordinary that I should come across this heart-warming post this evening, when only half an hour ago, I myself was reflecting on the very same subject, and thinking how blessed I am to feel this way about our natural world and all it's wonders!
I was searching for a word to describe that flutter of joy you feel in your gut, that leaping of lightness in your chest when you experience such a moment: "Sublime" describes it perfectly! Thank You.