Monday, 5 July 2010

Moths 03 July

Saturday saw me wheel the trap out after a few days where I knew I wouldn't have the time. In terms of numbers a 05:30 recovery perhaps ensured that I kept more in the box than usual and as a result had a good night. ID's as usual have proved interesting and the jury is still out on one or two but I think it is important to keep trying to ID myself, familiarity is fundamental to learning. It would be no good posting stuff up without at least trying to pin them down as the process of searching reinforces the images much ore than simply posting them on a forum.
At the same time when I am coming up blank it's good to know that there are several helpful individuals out there willing to take a look, it is much appreciated.

0970 Pandemis cerasana (tbc)1 - new

0998 Light Brown Apple Moth (tbc) 1 - new
1293 Garden Grass Veneer 1
1334 Scoparia ambigualis 11
1376 Small Magpie 1
1428 Bee Moth 1
1727 Silver Ground Carpet 1
1758 Barred Straw 2
1764 Common Marbled Carpet 1
1765 Barred Yellow 1 - new
1776 Green Carpet 1
1941 Mottled Beauty 3
1981 Poplar Hawk Moth 1
2050 Common Footman 1 - new
2198 Smoky Wainscot 2 - new
2340 Middle-barred Minor 2
Minor 1 either 2337 Marbled Minor or 2339 Tawny Marbled Minor 1 - new
2477 Snout 1

Total 33 moths 18 species

Pandemis cerasana (?)
Light Brown Apple Moth (?)
Barred Yellow
Common Footman
Smoky Wainscot
Minor Marbled or Tawny Marbled (?)

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Stewart said...

Aaln your 'minor' will be Marbled Minor agg I'm afraid. Cant id them without a microscope apparently...