Saturday, 19 June 2010

Thursday Night Moths (17/06)

Thursday was a good, warm still night and England were still likely to qualify for the next stage. A decent catch with at least three new macros and a micro new for the garden. All three of the new ones are common and widespread but good looking moths nonetheless but the White Ermine is a bit special and poses well for the camera hence the extra shots. Thanks to SS I now know that the White Ermine with the buffy ground colour is a female and the purer white individual a male.
Full catch was:

0017 Common Swift 1
0989 Timothy Tortrix 1
1713 Riband Wave 1 - new for garden
1727 Silver-ground Carpet 3
1759 Small Phoenix 1
1776 Green Carpet 1 - new for garden
2060 White Ermine 2 - new for garden
3 pugs and 1 micro still tbc.

White Ermine
Green Carpet

Riband Wave

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