Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Is just that, scarce at the moment. Hopefully a change in the weather might bring some early summer action next week. I haven't had the moth trap out this week though I did add Brown Silver Line to the garden list last week. Despite the clear skies and cool night I've switched on Friday night to see what was happening, diddly squat being the scientific answer.

Thursday I headed out to the coast to look for migrants amongst the showers, a single Wheatear my only reward, though I spent a pleasant few minutes in the company of a male Stonechat that seemed to be having a conversation with the camera shutter.

The weekend was taken up with family 'events' and I worked Monday till late afternoon managing a short two hour burst at Newbiggin that produced a creditable 98 Manx Shearwater north and not a single other species of note. Andy Cowell and Steve Holliday had similar numbers 15-20 minutes before I arrived and left 20 minutes before me and we had a 70 overlap so well over 100 in 2.5hours.

Friday I stumbled across a 'colony' of Lesser Treble Bar moth at Cambois. Initially identified by me as Treble Bar, Tom Tams headed down Sunday and took some samples and re-identified them as Lesser Treble Bar, a species with only 24 previous records in VC67. I had 20+ on the wing on Friday and TT with a more thorough count found 36. A partially leucistic Black-headed Gull at Lynemouth Flash was the only semi-interesting bird.

A few damselflies emnerging though I've only had Common Blue and Blue-tailed so far. I did have a Chaser at Cambois that I thought might be Broad-bodied but was probably Four Spot, much too quick to capture any images though. Lots of Ragged Robin around now too. Last night produced 3 moths around the trap, Small Phoenix, Flame Carpet and a coughs and spits Pug.


Stewart said...

Had 4 spot chaser at Cambois today...

ANZAGA said...

Enhorabuena por el blog. Bellas fotografías. Saludos.