Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Prior to my seawatch on Friday despite being shattered I headed over to one of my regular haunts to look for butterflies and day-flying moths. Despite getting more and more overgrown through lack of grazing I like it as you don't have too many people walking the dog. There used to be wild horses, or rather horses grazing untethered, but they have long gone. The grass is waist high now and the strengthening wind made it sway on Friday.
With broken footbridges and electricity pylons as well as hidden ditches it has a kind of dangerous beauty, I've no doubt some folk would look at it and think 'this place is empty' but it isn't. Time is on my side on days like this so I walked all the way down to the end.

I was hoping I would find some Common Blue on the wing as I wasn't happy last year with the images I took and they are amazing, how blue can you get? My luck was in but you gotta move quick with these babies, they tend to stay low down in the wind and sometimes just can't be seen.

Eventually after I got the blues I moved on to try and find some moths, every now and again I'd catch sight of a small moth flowing through the grass glinting like brown sugar in the sunshine, at first I thought perhaps they were just my imagination as they seemed to become invisible. Eventually, after a long, long, while and not long before I ran out of time I caught up with one.

Not great shots but some satisfaction at least, so take it or leave it this is the best I got of Latticed Heath.

Nineteen in total if you've worked it out by the way!

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