Saturday, 26 June 2010

Moth Haul 24 June

A delightful haul containing a good mix of species with at least six new species for the garden. I ran out of pots this morning, I've been using the glass jars from an old disused herb rack and the mixed herbs and black peppercorns went the journey today as I furiously washed them out to provide extra accomodation. My twins are getting in on the act, I'm now potting in the downstairs loo to restrict flyaways and they are acting as runners to the front door to release the stuff I can ID straight away and don't need to photograph. So the scores on the doors were

0017 Common Swift 1

0247 Tinea trinotella 1 (tbc) - new
1293 Garden Grass Veneer 1 (tbc) - new
1334 Scoparia ambigualis 4
1713 Riband Wave 1
1727 Silver-ground Carpet 5
1887 Clouded Border 1- new
1961 Light Emerald 1- new
2008 Coxcomb Prominent 1- new
2326 Clouded-bordered Brindle 1
2340 Middle-barred Minor 1
2477 Snout 1 - new
1201 Eucosma cana 1 - new
2158 Pale-shouldered Brocade 1
A worn minor agg 1

22 moths, 15 species

The Riband Wave through me a little as it was a totally different colour form to the one earlier in the week, if it was a bird it would be split.

Tinea Trinotella (?)

Garden Grass Veneer (?)

Riband Wave (different colour form)

Clouded Border

Light Emerald

Coxcomb Prominent

worn Minor agg

Eucosma cana

With thanks to Tom Tams for providing three ID's

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