Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Moth Haul 21 June

Two new macros to add to the growing garden list, thankfully both were easily identified as I recorded them last year prior to trapping. (Edit: Or at least that's what I thought until the comments! turns out what I thought was Hebrew Character was in fact a Double Square Spot masquerading as one to catch out the newcomer)

1334 Scoparia ambiguis 2
1727 Silver-ground Carpet 3
2060 White Ermine 1
2107 Large Yellow Underwing 1 - new for year
2128 Double Square Spot 1 - new
2492 Small Fan Foot 1

nine moths six species & one mistake

Double Square Spot

Large Yellow Underwing


Stewart said...

I had 54 Silver Ground Carpets!

Dan Brown said...

Are you sure your Hebrew Character's not a Double Square Spot...?

Tynemouth Birder said...


Your Hebrew Character is a Double Square-spot

alan tilmouth said...

Thanks Dan/Tom so much for thinking I knew one without trawling the net.

Stewart said...

Alan its good to check flight times. Hebrew Characters are spring moths, I caught about 700 odd but my last was in mid May. They are much smaller than Double Square Spot too. Hebes have been my most abundant species this year, before the Underwings start that is ;)