Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Marsh Warbler

Steve Holliday and Phil Allott found a singing male Marsh Warbler close to the entrance of Druridge Pools yesterday. After a gratefully received text I scurried up after lunch, with the kids in tow, to take a quick peek. It sang not long after I arrived, only briefly but enough to confirm itself as Marsh Warbler; the pitterpatter of raindrops seemed to keep it from opening up in full blown song thereafter. I did glimpse two Acros in the Phragmites through the gap between the bushes, one of which was Reed Warbler and the other could well have been its more vocally extrovert cousin as it did appear to have quite a nice white throat and didn't look so long billed but a face on glimpse with no look at the primaries for three seconds wasn't enough.

So with heavy eyes I dragged myself from my bed at an ungodly hour this morning and went back to check if it was still around and see if I couldn't get a better view. Again a few brief snatches of song on a poor, damp morning before after an hour it suddenly wound itself up and went nitro, banging out all sorts of notes from the alder and phragmites ahead of me. At least one Reed Warbler was still around too. I managed one decent view in an hour and a half but I'm not complaining, happy enough I managed to record some song and grab a couple of record shots.


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Cracking shots and views Alan! Much better than I have ever had of the birds that were at Herrington Country Park.

Crammy Birder said...

Glad to see it was showing better today. The first photo is what we saw it doing briefly before you arrived yesterday.

Terry said...

Nice one Alan. The repertoire of Marsh Warbler is incredible - they are superb mimics and always sound as if they are in an awful hurry... Great that you were rewarded with cracking, albeit brief, views.