Monday, 10 May 2010

Wood Sir Like Three?

As the north wind abated and the clouds parted tonight, I was bathed in a golden light as I finished my Raspberry Trifle on the sofa. Never waste good light my late grandmother used to say, so I didn't. I thought I might chance my arm at Bothal and see if the Wood Sandpiper had changed location and might offer the opportunity of a snap.
A quick look through the gap in the hedge at the eastern edge produced two 'sandpiper' like birds, a little argy bargy as I set up the scope and 'the' Wood Sandpiper moved 20m further north." #@!## Redshank" I thought till I got my scope on the nearer, erm, Wood Sandpiper. Moments later and the moved on bird, now having regained composure and back to picking along the shore through the emergent vegetation was joined by a third wader and the hat trick complete Bothal had three Wood Sandpiper.
Always staying a wary distance from the hedge the best I could do leaves me with little satisfaction. I feel a 1.4x converter moment coming on.

Wood Sandpiper, Bothal Pond

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