Friday, 14 May 2010

Wheels Keep Turning

It's funny but sometimes you get the impression that things are quiet and then you look down at your notebook and it tells a slightly different story. I've been mixing up Timed Tetrad Visits with flying visits into Newcastle to work on specific entries for the Essential NewcastleGateshead app content and managed to throw in a few hours proper birding along the way.
I've managed some new self-found year ticks with three pairs of Black-necked Grebe at one location, four different Marsh Harrier at three widespread locations all in the same morning and a couple of singing Reed Warbler. On the Marsh Harrier front worth noting that a fifth bird was also noted today by Peter Fletcher at Whittle Dene.
With a supporting cast of three Barn Owl, sadly only two of which were alive as the other was a road casualty at Rock South Farm, a good count of smart looking Grey Plover at Lindisfarne NNR and a batty Common Sandpiper on the puddled track to The Snook.

Photographically all this toing and froing has had a negative impact with very little to show for any efforts I've made. So it's make do with record shots (again).

Barn Owl, most probably male.

Marsh Harrier, female

Marsh Harrier, male

Sedge Warbler lurking in Phragmites to frustrate camera carrying birder


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Antique ART Garden said...

I love that shot of the owl. Just love it, thanks for posting ! Gina