Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thursday an evening trip to a Little Owl site I found when I had the business in Alnmouth produced brief views of a single bird that moved across from farm buildings, briefly perched in a small cherry tree before flying out of sight presumably to feed. Yesterday morning I spent an enjoyable three hours with Ross Ahmed getting to grips with the nuances of Vantage Point Surveys. An hour spare before we started saw me head up to Beacon Hill, a Whimbrel lifted off from pasture just north of Heighley Gate. The return trip home picked up the first hedgerow Common Whitethroat of the year.
The first day of May continued in the same vein with a visit to the recycling bin in the back garden producing singing Lesser Whitethroat to the north of the garden. A few patient minutes at the back bedroom window and up it popped on the big Blackthorn section of the hedge about 30m away.
Four more Self-found in the bag though all were all too brief.

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