Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Small White Lie

With the moth trap devoid of life this morning, my excuse to mooch around the house and garden with the kids was removed in an instant. The kids safely despatched to their play group I was faced with the difficult choice of work or checking out parking locations for some overnight car kipping capers in the Newton area.

Despite a number of upcoming deadlines I chose the latter. The car abandoned on a grass verge in Beadnell I trudged through seemingly endless rows of broken lobster pot adorned caravans before being accosted by a man laying tarmac who suddenly without warning veered toward me saying "You here for the Stint?"
"No" I replied indignantly "I try and find my own birds rather than picking up sloppy seconds" I tried to look convincing as I said it.
"Through the wooden gate and keep walking for a mile or so" he said, oblivious to my holier than thou indifference.

Determined not to succumb I spent the next hour wandering the dunes looking for interesting inverts to photograph of which there was the grand total of none.
"That's probably the pool those Temminck's Stints were on" I thought as I casually glanced inland whilst following a day flying moth. This particular moth was very interesting and headed toward the pool, prompting me to have to scope the muddy edges in search of it.
And yes, after a good while looking for the moth and having been joined by 2-3 other birders it was confirmed that all three of yesterday's Temminck's Stint were still present. I may have glanced at them as I swept my scope across trying to catch the flight of a Small White butterfly, I may even involuntarily commented on one or two salient ID features, just to help the others out and appear interested. I don't really remember as I soon left to search for suitable tent pitching locations.

Twitcher? Not me mate, nooo I do patch birds and the odd moth me.

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