Friday, 21 May 2010

Shouldering On

Wednesday night/Thursday morning saw another three moths around or in the trap, including two new for the garden. First out was another Water Carpet then an immaculate looking Flame Shoulder that took me a little while to identify as it is a much deeper chocolate brown than photographs on the web suggest, though I have to confess I was pointed in the right direction whilst describing it over the phone to a colleague (thanks TB).

Flame Shoulder Ochtopleura plecta

The second one also took a while to chase down and was a nightmare to photograph, lively just doesn't go there. I'm not yet convinced that there isn't a mass conspiracy by experienced mothers involving the perpetuated myth that all their images are of live moths. Number three then was the second of a pair of shoulders and I the rarest caught so far with only 146 individuals trapped to date in VC67, making it the equivalent of a Yellow-browed Warbler in moth terms, Shoulder Stripe (tentatively).

Shoulder Stripe Anticlea badiata

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Stewart said...

Alan 146 indiduals is relatively common. This is due to the complete lack of observers unlike birding. In moths uncommon means about 10 - 20, rare means 3 or 4 records... ;)

You are doing really well though, the list is coming along eh.