Thursday, 6 May 2010

Short, Sharp Seawatch

Another quick hour this evening post work, a brisk NNW breeze and a receding tide didn't thrill me and I got that just about right. Movement was restricted to North Sea breeding birds such as Gannet, Kittiwake et al. Auk movement was steady but almost exclusively Guillemot this afternoon, just two Razorbill and not a Puffin in sight. 20-30 Sandwich Tern, a single Arctic Tern, as well as another Little Tern this one much closer and showing very well. Duck were restricted to two Teal north.
Strangest sight was a Grey Seal repeatedly lunging 3-4feet out of the water at Herring Gulls that were hovering over it presumably to scavenge fishy morsels.
I tried a half hour photographing hirundines tonight with the results now weighing heavy in the 'Trash'. Here's the best, so you can imagine what the rest were like. (Take a deep breath Roger!)


The Drunkbirder said...

Flight shots do my swede in!

alan tilmouth said...

Tried again twice since then, need a bigger waste bin.