Sunday, 23 May 2010

Saturday - Moths

Biggest catch of the week last night and whilst I was up early it was predominantly to get out birding so all the pictures and ID have had to wait. Let's see if I can get any of these right first time.
Yesterday I was at Howick mid-morning to try and see the 1st-summer male Common Rosefinch Stewart had found that morning. Despite dropping everything, bird had gone to ground 15 minutes before I arrived and remained steadfastly out of sight and earshot. It did give Stewart the chance to show me his moth trap and have a useful discussion about his trapping and photography techniques.
This morning, rather than just remove the trap I took a look around the Buddliea that sit behind it and lo and behold my first big moff.

Poplar Hawk Moth

 Even my better half was impressed by this baby, they might be common but they are fantastic and what a grip!

Another new moth for the garden was Common Carpet, I think I caught two of these showing slightly different colour variation.

Finally another Pug, I think another Mottled Pug , I have put it up just to see if I have got to grips with it this time, comments along with helpful ID pointers welcome on a postcard.

Total Catch

Water Carpet - 1
Common Carpet - 2 - new
Scalloped Hazel - 1
Poplar Hawk Moth - 1- new
Mottled Pug - 1


Stewart said...

Nearly there Alan, its a Brindled Pug, note those black dashes....

alan tilmouth said...

Now I am confused, take a look at Thursday's Pug that a comment has suggested is Mottled and it looks the same to me!

Anonymous said...

Pug Moths do my head in! I usually get someone better than me to ID them. Even my mate Skev said of one of the pugs I gave him on Saturday 'I hate worn pugs.' Ain't that the truth.