Sunday, 23 May 2010

Newton Stringer Stole My Rosefinch and a Starling Ate My HawkMoth

Just remember that title when it comes to the 2010 Blog Awards, I expect at least a nomination in the most original title category.  Technically Stringer stole nothing, he got to see the Rosefinch last night as he was close by involved in some dodgy retro nineties experience involving kipping in your car and no doubt cranking up the volume on the IPod with some less than memorable music.
My Rosefinch? Unfortunately sometimes you get 'nil points' for effort so despite making two appearances, in Midsommer Howick involving a total of 112 miles I failed to connect with aforementioned tri-syllabic crooner. If Stringer found today's Temminck's at the Long Nanny as well, I'll be digging out my sleeping bag in the morning.

Despite the failure I had a very pleasant morning, got the guided tour from SS and throughly enjoyed it. We covered everything from Bugle to Bullfinch and Crayfish to Crows. I headed along the cliffs toward Cullernose afterward and had a pleasant hour scrambling about the guano taking bad Fulmar flight shots and trying not to harasss the Kittiwake.

Spot the male!

Serenaded all the while by the local Common Whitethroat, that moved in a triangular pattern between the bare stems above three bushes on a circuit.

It might be common but Thrift just seems to epitomise summer for me, a splash of pink, contrasting perfectly with blue skies and seas.

I stopped once or twice on the way home, a walk down one sheltered lane and some rough grassland and phragmites produced a few Sedge Warbler, a single reeling Grasshopper Warbler and several Reed Bunting benefiting from the profusion of flying insects. I also found my second Comfrey of the week, this one I think is Russian Comfrey.

Several Brown Silver Line moths were also in this area amongst nettles and Bluebells, not sure iof I disturbed them as I walked through or if they are day-flying, must check. Sadly when I returned home I thought I'd try and improve on my Poplar Hawk Moth images from early morning and moved the moth (still in the same place I left it six hours earlier) to a nearby Birch trunk.
Before I could shoot anything it slipped through the leaves and was promptly grabbed by a Starling to my horror.

Brown Silver Line


Newton Stringer said...

Think you better dig your sleeping bag out Alan ! 8)

Antique ART Garden said...

So you take us for a lovely walk in the countryside, then you come home and kill your moth you have had caged up. Great( smile ), Gina