Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Alaotra Grebe

Whilst many will see it as 'sad news' the communication to notable bloggers and media outlets worldwide today from Birdlife International that the Alaotra Grebe, endemic to Madagascar is now officially considered extinct is nothing short of disgraceful. In the 21st century with all that we in the West and increasingly the East have at our disposal, when our governments have spent billions propping up financial instituitions that reek of greed and self indulgence, for uis to allow this to happen is appalling.

There are few of us, including me, who do enough, and most of the world does nothing at all with a small minority wealthy beyond the point of obscenity at the expense of anything that can be controlled, sold, destroyed and profited from. Alaotra Grebe is extinct as a direct result of Man's actions and it was preventable.

Read the full story at Birdlife here and speak up here. Don't go and read this and do nothing, even leaving a comment helps Birdlife demonstrate that there are people that care and that the loss of species, any species, does matter.

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Denise said...

I'm glad people such as you still exist