Friday, 2 April 2010

White-tailed Sea Eagle Update

Having contacted Dave Sexton the RSPB Sea Eagle Officer on Mull and the East of Scotland Project Team as well as having informed comment from Ian Fisher it appears that the WTE is likely to be one of the 2008 East of Scotland releases.
A combination of the radio tag, as opposed to satellite tag, as well as the eagle eyed description of the ring colours from PCF/GB suggest this.
Dave Sexton has consulted Roy Dennis and emailed me yesterday as follows:

"view from Roy D seems to be it's a radio not sat tag so prob a 2008 east coast release. be good for someone with kit o track it/ID it. Any red kite tracking people about?"
After speaking to Ian Kerr this morning it would appear that the Red Kite radio tracking equipment may not be functional if anyone knows any different feel free to get in touch.
Sadly the bird has not been reported so far today.

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