Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Warm Wednesday in the Woods

 A walk the Wansbeck on a warm Wednesday afternoon took us along a stretch of the river not over-used by dog walkers and a little quieter. At least it was until the sound of my two playing Dambusters with the sticklebacks today. As expected birds were fairly quiet in mid-afternoon, a pair of Marsh Tit entertained for a short while and a Common Sandpiper deftly walked around the river edge at one of the big bends as we headed home.

Woodland flowers and subsequently a few butterflies were notable. Lesser Celandine, the first Bluebells and carpets of Wood Anenome brought out my first Orange-Tip of the year and also some Green-veined White. Both species were very active making life difficult as leaving the kids next to the river whilst I chase after a better butterfly image is not yet possible.

Green-veined White

Orange-Tip (female)

The underwing of the female Orange-Tip is perfectly coloured camouflage for its habitat, blending with the fresh green and dappled light of the spring undergrowth. Oh and my twins reliably informed me they had seen some Starlings from the car as we drove home, dipped again!


James said...

Lovely shot of the Common Sandpiper

Anonymous said...

Just got myself a butterfly net and some pots so i'm hoping to do a bit better on butterfly photography this year.