Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Talking Heads

With this spring being a good one so far for Yellow Wagtail races across the UK, Birdguides commissioned a short focus on some of the races, combined with some great images from contributors to their Iris service I think it works quite well as a light introduction to some great looking birds. Read it here.
Thanks to Stewart for diverting time away from the Moths for a late night proof read.


James said...

There is a blue-headed and black-headed at Saltholme at the moment. Ironically I am in Bedforshire! Are these likely to be the Cresswell/Druridge birds? I saw a few really grey Yellow Wags at Flamborough on Monday like the ones posted by Toby Collett on TBC.

alan tilmouth said...

I think they are most probably different birds James, certainly judging by the images of the Black-headed as it appears to have a slightly more prominent white mark above the eye than the Cresswell bird.

James said...

Ah, thanks for that. I couldn't get a lot of detail on my greasy iPhone. I'm without the PC until I'm back at home.