Monday, 19 April 2010

Taking a Tumble

With eldest son returning to school today it was back to hoping the weather held and enabled us to slip in some outdoor time between chores, food shopping, school runs and swimming lessons. The local Chiffchaff put in what is becoming a daily morning appearance feeding in one of our silver birch. Despite the football match going on in the kitchen I managed to catch him (also sang briefly) this time.

Cool but clear I thought we'd chance our arm so I shoved a picnic together and we headed off up the coast, possibly to catch up with the Blue-headed Wagtail now at Cresswell that ST had thoughtfully texted me about earlier. As the road was almost knee deep in photographers in stealth mode with full camouflage attire I opted to push on to Druridge and brave the 'man-eating mud'. Allowing my kids to mingle with people intent on stealth is not wise, they're current favourite game involves periodically shouting 'Mr Tuuummble' as loud as possible and finding it hilariously funny to the point of falling over with laughter. So we picnicked in the Budge Screen, a single numenius wader was the commonest of the three recorded at Druridge. Fed & watered we paused on the way back near Bell's Farm where a few common birds fed, 4 Wheatear, Twite, Pied Wagtail & Meadow Pipit.

Northern Wheatear

Pied Wagtail

An almost empty Cresswell allowed me to year tick Yellow Wagtail though I could hardly claim them self found. News of a Jack Snipe in front of the Cresswell Hide arrived almost at the same time as we got home, a slight clenching of the jaw for the next hour as I made do with a re-run of Loose Women to cries of 'Mr Tuuuummmble'.....


Bob Bushell said...

Nice photos Alan.

Tim Sexton said...

I was rather shocked to read this about Mr Tumble Alan: Naughty Mr Tumble

Newton Stringer said...

Come on Alan, were you not just a little tempted to let the kids run riot amongst the camo boys..... just for a bit of a laff !