Monday, 26 April 2010

Robin & Green Wood

We mixed it up a little today. Instead of the usual post school shopping trip we went looking for woodland birds. Not a huge success with Chiffchaff collecting nesting material and singing Blackcap the only summer visitors noted in our chosen woodland. The car trip home added Great Spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch but not the hoped for Redstart. My two and half year old daughter was watching me process the pictures from today and briefly took air from the milk to say "That's a Robin", impressed her mum no end.

News of a Wood Sandpiper at Bothal Pond brought about a minor detour as we headed for Asda, but there was no sign when we arrived or on the way back, though last week's Ruff had been replaced with a Green Sandpiper.

Kids eh, I'm sure that it is stress from having kids that has caused this poor lassie to end up looking like this too. Some days I know just how she must feel.

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James said...

I saw a picture of a Whimbrel with a neck like that too this week