Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Of Interest....

Is news that a Juan Fernadez Petrel has been photographed in the South Atlantic for the first time. The Juan Fernández petrel breeds only on Alejandro Selkirk Island, part of the Juan Fernández Islands, Chile and normally strays no further east than East Australia. The bird was photographed from an Atlantic Odyssey trip off Gough Island.

Ex-pat Yorkshireman Richard Crossley's latest work The Crossley ID Guide:Eastern Birds has been scooped up by Princeton University Press. Crossley who now lives in Cape May has a unique approach to ID and the photographic plates for the guide will feature an interesting technique, the layering of many images of different individuals over a typical natural background setting. The guide won't be published till Feb 2011 but you can preview many of the images at his website

The best place to view the Druridge Garganey seems to be from the middle hide according to reliable reports.


Bob Bushell said...

Thanks for the latest, Alan.

Bonsaibirder said...

Re: that book - great photos but horrible layout, IMHO.