Friday, 9 April 2010

More Self Found

Whilst birding opportunities have been limited with the kids on holiday I have managed to nudge forward to 121 on my personal Self Found Challenge. A walk sans enfants on Wednesday in Scotch Gill Woods produced a singing Blackcap and a confiding Marsh Tit near the car park. Amazingly confiding given the racket my three were making with their mock sword battles a few feet away.
An hour after work tonight produced a little flurry of migrants, a male White Wagtail at the small flash opposite Cooper's Kennels where previously there had been only yarrelli. I stopped in at Warkworth Lane Pond again hoping for migrants but whilst a reasonable selection of duck were present the one I was looking for was absent.
With the flood at the entrance of the Budge screen beginning to abate I trudged through the ankle deep mud to what intially looked another unproductive day. A Sparrowhawk made repeated circuits of the field, curling around the juncus like a WWII fighter pilot in a dogfight. Common Snipe fired out like tracer bullets into the afternoon sky although the Sparrowhawk failed to connect with any of them. To the north of the screen were a family sized group of Shoveler, mostly male and tucked behind them a prominent cream stripe casually loitering near the fence, a drake Garganey. Out of camera reach I resorted to Iphone/Scope to produce another in the regular series of poor record shots for your Friday night amusement.

Garganey, recuperating after the long flight north.

A few minutes later as I was working through the Teal that had been risen from their slumber by the Sparrowhawk's exertions I noticed two waders dropping in from high, two Black-tailed Godwit to compliment the Garganey. I'd love to say they were in fine summer plumage but it wouldn't be true, they looked drab to be honest, nor did they hang around for long before moving off. With fine weather forecast for the weekend there may be better pickings in the day ahead.

NB, I also found Kittiwake omitted from the list self found whilst working in the North Sea 07/03.

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