Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gropper Gripe

What's the world coming to? Look at these images, bloody disgraceful that a Grasshopper Warbler should behave in this way appearing in the open. It just shouldn't be allowed, no good will come of it, it'll just devalue the species and that particular gropper needs to get a grip of itself. Grasshopper Warbler used to know their place, heard but not seen. Time was when you heard one 'reeling' you knew you were in for a couple of hours hide and seek as it flashed a tail or a leg at you from deep within the Hawthorn or bramble it had embedded itself. If this catches on they might as well change their name to Dunnock. I'm sure that once this young upstart settles down and gets a little family responsibility it will quickly learn the value of the traditional ways. Thankfully not all Groppers have forgotten their place in the grand scheme of things, three today in classic scrub, grassy and damp ditch habitat behaved in the appropriate way, allowing me a few brief glimpses and a classic Gropper image.

A 'Traditional' Grasshopper Warbler

Later a Greenshank called from the estuary below and flew across to the muddy edge of the far side, providing a secoind addition for the Self-Found List for the day.

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