Thursday, 22 April 2010

Exclusive: RSPB in Secret Eagle Releases

I've been hearing rumours and rumblings for some time that after the fuss in Norfolk and Suffolk Natural England & RSPB got together and decided the best way to overcome the criticism of the project would be to get some eagles out into England to demonstrate that the pigs/lambs/small dogs/babies (delete as appropriate) of our fine country would be free from danger and not whisked off to a painful death.
After the recent wandering bird in Northumberland/Yorkshire/Lincolnshire/Cumbria that some alleged was radio-controlled and been directed from a secret bunker in Sandy the truth that secret releases have begun appeared in my Inbox this morning.
With a piece of journalism that will unquestionably win awards the Formby Times have blown the lid on the secret location of at least one of the releases with their story that grandmother of six Phyl Jones has not just seen a White-tailed Sea Eagle but had the fecal identification skills to become aware of its presence from deposits on her bird table.
Sadly despite a prolonged negotiation the photographs taken during the bird's hour long stay are yet to surface.
Formby, who would have thought of releasing Eagles there? Those Nat England boffins really are clever.

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Tim Sexton said...

Journalism at it's best :)