Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pipits & Wagtails

A short detour to Prestwick Carr on the way home from a meeting at Close House yesterday produced a large-ish gathering of Pied Wagtail (55), Meadow Pipit (48) and a few Reed Bunting (3-4) on the flooded field west of the entrance road. The Meadow Pipit numbers are the first significant gathering I've seen this Spring and probably an underestimate as there were birds moving north into the next field in small numbers as I counted.
A tight flock of 163 Golden Plover with some individuals coming into summer plumage were constantly vocal nearby and a Stoat was an interested observer a few feet away in the grass.
With an inch of water across much of the field and a larger deeper pool to the south this site is well worth checking for scarcer migrants in the coming weeks.

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