Thursday, 25 March 2010

MIght as Well Face it

It was my wife's birthday today, having spent too much money much of yesterday preparing I was all organised if a little sleepy pre-work at 07:15 as the children were duly gathered, candles lit, cards carried and presents opened. Once I may have felt a twinge of guilt at the thought that buzzed like a persistent Willow Tit in my mind "this is enough brownie points to get out birding after work". Not anymore I am guilt-free, it's not my fault see, John Hague has sorted my head out, its all down to the neurochemical dopamine creating the addiction. Now I can relax and just accept what I've always known that I'm a hopeless addict and despite years where I've done without it is never going to go away and I may as well just accept my fate and keep birding. Thanks John.

Frankly I may as well not have bothered this afternoon, should have saved the brownies for another day. With mist rolling in thicker than a Seventies Paul Mcartney accent the scope, tripod and camera were superfluous. I tried Druridge Pool and it was very atmospheric as hundreds of unseen Black-headed Gulls called just out of sight. Further south a dark looking thrush (sp) disappeared along an open fence, melting away into the shrouded distance. It cleared briefly and gave me enough time to splash around Snab Point in a vain search for Wheatear, a single pair of Fulmar huddled the cliff face with not even the obligatory greeting as I appeared.

On a positive note my first Northumberland roundup for Bird Watching's UK Bird Sightings and the small county focus they asked me to do was published this week, including a list of recommended sites. I know one blogger who will be over the moon and looking to thank me for all the summer company he might get after I included Cullernose Point in my top five, no thanks necessary though!

That's it for today, my fix done some hours ago and now this short post, the birder's equivalent of methadone just tiding me over, keeping me mellow till the next big hit. I'll leave you with some words of wisdom for those of you still struggling to come to terms with the identification of Caspian Gulls your addiction.


Stewart said...

Thanks Al.

Where's that removal van...

I'm off to Caithness.

Anonymous said...

What did you think of the article? I might try a follow up on other psychiatric conditions if Sheena wants it.