Saturday, 20 March 2010

Crane Your Neck and You Might Just Glimpse It

A late morning text from ADMc saw me dragging my youngsters away from the delights of Mr Tumble under wails of protest and hot-footing it up to the roadside vantage point from where (under an umbrella) he assured me that a Common Crane was lurking a few hundred metres beyond the roll of a stubble field. He had on the basis of a tip off earlier scoped it from a western vantage point so high and far into the south west I nearly stopped off at Hexham for lunch. However not visible from the closer road safely, at least with two two year olds in tow I chuntered around in the torrent and picked out the lanky figure of an adult. Every one of the following shots contains views so crippling you might hurt yourself laughing need to purchase a print, please contact me via email should you wish to do so.

The Carlsberg of Worst Record Shots!

Only a Marginal Improvement!

 So Close you can almost see the nostril hairs.


Bob Bushell said...

Wow, a real one. I sent one to blogger, but it was at Slimbridge WWT, not as good yours, so real.

James said...

Well you got closer than me! Had a report of Common Crane from Flamborough when I was in Wykeham Forest and got to Scalby too late. Probably the same one do you think?

alan tilmouth said...

James info suggests this bird has been present several days.