Sunday, 21 February 2010

Take Two Every Five Hours

Two of my children woke ridiculously early for a Sunday morning. Nursing a developing cold for once I left them in their rooms for a few minutes till the shouts and Jay like screeches reached a crescendo and I stumbled downstairs to organise milk, morning tea and a double Nurofen breakfast.
Two late winter Timed Tetrad Visits had been planned the night before. With my wife heading off midday for an afternoon of Strictly Come Dancing live, I had to get out early and get on with them. Luckily two of the three I had left were back to back so I could walk from one into the other avoiding a transit journey between.
Two Wren in 4km of riverside woodland and farmland shelter belt seems to indicate that when all the results are in and counted our feisty friend is going to be amongst the big losers of the winter weather this year. With big broods they should recover given the chance but their song will be missing from many a wood this coming Spring.
Two Skylark tumbling and twisting in the air as I walked across a frozen field in the second square. One landing on a fencepost the other to ground before the sound of summer broke through the frozen February stillness for a few seconds as one raised a crest and began to sing.
Two additions to the Self Found Year List were not to be today as the hoped for Treecreeper failed to materialise, perhaps another cold weather casualty? So five Lesser Redpoll moving through Alder nudged me closer to three figures and better days ahead.

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