Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Slow Start

February has started slowly on the birding front the first three days coinciding with my three day long childcare stint. A couple of visits to Woodhorn Flash eventually produced views of the four White-fronted Goose this morning feeding with a dozen or two Greylag in the field east of the south pool. There appeared to be some question over the race earlier in the week but there's no doubt that they are Greenland. Turned into a local bird club (NTBC) trip this morning as first bulletin editor Steve Barratt and member John Littleton turned up closely followed by ex-county recorder Mike Hodgson.

The only other 'newness' this week came in the shape of a Wren this morning, the first in our garden this year, perhaps adding more weight to the damage the cold weather has done to some of our more sedentary species.

I will be doing a number of second or late visits to winter tetrads for the BTO Atlas in coming weeks and it will be interesting to see the results, I'm not expecting to see a great deal.

During today's kiddie siesta I managed to convert three old wooden wineboxes into nestboxes that I retained after selling my retail business last year for just such a purpose. Two in the garden, one in Sycamore and one along the northern boundary beside the house. I was amazed that literally within one minute of coming indoors a pair of Great Tit were shoving their heads inside one to check it out, maybe they could smell the Chateauneuf.

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