Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lock Up Your Berries

A number of highly mobile, uber fast, smash and grab groups of foreigners are currently touring quiet suburban streets ready to mug the unsuspecting Blackbird or Mistle Thrush for the last of their winter berry stocks. I was fortunate this morning to witness just such an event when up to 25 of these strange looking berry burglars did a return raid on an ornamental Rowan in Nursery Park, Ashington.

After flying in at great speed and numbers completely overwhelming the defenses of the resident Mistle Thrush pair who could do no more than retire to a nearby rooftop in despair as their recently adopted Rowan was systematically stripped. Within a minute this gang suspected of having Russian Mafia connections were 'ofski' to the east leaving the Mistle Thrush pair to gossip with the neighbours and consider voting BNP because sending these greedy, lazy foreigners back home has to be the answer to all their misfortune right?

Caught in the Act


Bob Bushell said...

Ah, the Waxwing. I thought that they were not coming this year, but there they are.

Holywell Birder said...

really enjoyed that post, gave me a good laugh.

Razboynik said...

Very humorous.
I'd give my berries to see a Waxwing.