Sunday, 7 February 2010


There is the hint of a few changes in the air today, whilst some birds appear to be getting an early urge to move north with a Turtle Dove on Guernsey and a drake Garganey in Lincolnshire we also seem to be getting a few of the Waxwing moving around northeast of us in Scandanavia, with only three reports 1st-6th Feb today highlighted perhaps a few recent arrivals:

20:03 07/02/10 Waxwing Lincs Gibraltar Point NNR EN
19:16 07/02/10 Waxwing Lancs Church EN
15:57 07/02/10 Waxwing Highland Inverness EN
15:02 07/02/10 Waxwing Clyde Glasgow 11:30 EN
14:03 07/02/10 Waxwing Lothian North Berwick 12:30 EN
13:06 07/02/10 Waxwing N Yorks Scarborough 06/02/10 EN
07/02/10 Waxwing Aberdeenshire New Deer EN

More to come?

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Terry said...

Several flocks of 50+ Waxwing have arrived in Denmark in the last couple of days so there is definitely some late movement south/south-west.