Thursday, 18 February 2010

A change of scenery and season today, I left spring behind and headed inland and back into winter to search for Black Grouse. I did eventually locate three, a male and two greyhen north of Carrshield but dipped when it comes to photographs as they were beyond my reach. A poor day weather wise with mist and snow as well as several inches still on the moors and roadsides in several valleys particularly the East & West Allen. Red Grouse were common enough and one or two showed reasonably well.

I chanced upon a Raven feeding on a cock Pheasant roadkill with a half dozen Crows as I crossed Plenmeller Common which was my first of the year. It moved off quite quickly landing at the top of a nearby ridge with only it's head on show.
Up the West Allen I came across a small group of six Roe Deer including the stag below that were close enough to photograph and not spooked by the car

Despite the snow, move off the highest ground and the indications of change are there, several fields held small parties of Lapwing and a large group of Common Gull were near Catton. Six Bullfinch on a moorland wall were a strange sight and apart from the odd thrush one of the few passerines I came across today.
With a little time left I called back to Ashington to have another look at the Waxwing that are marauding around, they are still coming to the Rowan but I'd say it has no more than three days before they clean it out. They are incredibly restless this flock when coming in to feed in contrast with the often confiding autumn flocks they are in and out of the Rowan very quickly.

Marauding Waxwing


Mark Fellowes said...

Excellent stuff - really like the grouse images; send some of those waxwings this way!

Razboynik said...

Beautiful photos, especially the Waxwings.