Friday, 15 January 2010

Race(y) Redwings? Sexy Stonechats

I like an obscure race, they add flavour to many of our common birds, Jackdaws, Meadow Pipits, Bullfinch all can be given a dash of excitement by a few feathers difference. Poking around my reading list tonight I came across these pictures by Barry Stewart that may illustrate the coburni race of Redwing, not one that I had come across before. The bird on the right in his post is certainly distinctive.
I've just approved a superb series of shots of Common Stonechat on Birdguides fishing for beetles from an ice bound pond/lake in Lancashire taken by Brian Rafferty that are worth a glance too, find them here, here, here and here.

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Stewart said...

Hi Alan I have had Icelandic Redwings, in Iceland! But they didnt appear as different as those shots. I think we have caught some at Hauxley too but Mr Fisher would confirm that one. In Iceland they were very tame hopping around for worms like garden Blackies. They appeared bigger too but maybe thats because there was nothing of that ilk to get a comparison with. We enjoyed loads of Iceland Redpolls, Faroese Snipe and Gyr's of both White and Grey phases. Brunnichs at a colony plus loads of Red necked Phals, Barrows and Harlequins and even a female Stellers Eider for good measure. Well worth a four day jaunt...