Friday, 1 January 2010

Old To New

Having worked back to back shifts New Year's Eve and today I have had little time to take advantage of some of the stunning images that a good dowsing of snow creates. I stole an hour yesterday but after checking Amble Harbour for gulls found little else. A small covey of Grey Partridge huddled into the corner of a field for shelter as the snow continued to fall provided the only interest.

Grey Partridge, Northumberland.
Another brief stop at QE2 to look for any new additions provided little of note, although sadly the drake Goldeneye I photographed a few days back whilst still there, appears to have become tangled with fishing line in the beak, something that doesn't bode well in the long term.
Common Gull, QE2, Northumberland

Goldeneye, drake, QE2, Northumberland

All my birding today was from the office window as I kept my finger on the pulse of the New Year birding across Britain, 13 species, almost double my New Year's Day tally last year and I'm not in the least superstitious. Nothing particularly remarkable other than a new garden record for Blackbird of 17 arguing over the food I put out under cover of darkness at 07:00 pre-work.

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