Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I thought yesterday was going to be 'same old, same old' first day back at school and a big food shop needed to avoid having to create two meals for five from a tin of garden peas, six cherries and 100g of Mozzarella which is about all that was left edible in our fridge.
After driving slowly along the Cotoneaster lined bypass road along the northern edge of Ashington in the feint hope of a wandering Waxwing, I thought no more about birds until we pulled into the under store car park and were greeted by a Robin. Fair dues they often get indoors as well, I made a mental note to drop some pastry or cake on the way back out around the trolley park it was skirmishing about. I did just that on our return and suddenly it was joined by Blackbird, Dunnock and Song Thrush all foraging between cars and trolleys in the snow free, warmer than outdoors, environment. Cost me a miniature pastie when I realised that there were four species.
As the kids ate lunch I peered out the windows at the mob that was spread around the garden, usual suspects, Blackbird, Chaffinch, a couple of Collared Dove, the occasional marauding Magpie and about 10 House Sparrow.
House Sparrow
A flash of orange in the Amelanchier canadensis caught my eye and lo and behold a spanking Brambling that posed just long enough to grab the camera and rattle off a couple of lens+triple glazing shots.

Not five minutes later my second garden year tick of the day as a smart Tree Sparrow joined it's cousins at the seed feeder.
Tree Sparrow
Approaching dusk our third garden tick of the day was a male Yellowhammer, my first one in the garden for 13-14 years.
Off to London today trying to fry bigger fish, wish me luck.

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ST said...

The last time, i had a brambling in the garden i lived in the 'wood'.

like the new, header and general look.