Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ground Up Grass Roots Conservation

I've blogged about it before but when a good idea gets floated I want to shout and shout about it until you get it. Now 10000birds might be upmarket compared to most of the UK blogs and it might be two thirds American and that might cause some of you here in the UK to think that it isnt relevant.
Wrong. The 10000birds Conservation Club was the best conservation idea of the whole of 2009 and so far this year whilst I'm pleased to see a campaign to save the humble bumblebee on Facebook I still think that this Conservation Club idea as ground up, grass roots conservation can have a direct and significant impact on critically endanged species such as the Sharpe's Longclaw.
Joining is a pittance and you get the chance, many times over to recover your money with free to enter competitions, so now you've paid your Christmas credit card bills dip into the vast reserves that most of you have and join.

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