Monday, 11 January 2010

Bird Aid - Feed The Birds

Following the most prolonged period of snow cover lowland England has seen in living memory NTBC are organising a programme of targeted supplementary feeding of farmland birds throughout the county.
With the help of the local RSPB Farmland Bird Initiative Project a large supply of grain has been secured by the club.

Volunteer effort is now required for three key tasks:

1. Grain Collection – The grain is currently bulk stored in Co Durham and needs to be bagged and re-located to dry storage points in Northumberland. We have agreed access for one day on Friday 15th January for a small team of 6-8 volunteers to go and bag the grain and re-locate it. If you are able to offer your services for this task please email Alan Tilmouth at or call him on 01670512013. Also if anyone has access to a pick up truck or van this would be extremely useful.

2. Farmland Bird Location – The plan is to target existing large flocks of farmland birds and gain permission from landowners to seed suitable areas near them until the grain supply is exhausted. It would be extremely useful if anyone spotting any large flock of farmland bunting, finches or larks emails the details to Alan Tilmouth at or call him on 01670512013.

3. Volunteer Feeders – Once we have the food and have identified locations we need volunteers with transport to ‘foster’ a particular site for the next 4-6 weeks – re-seeding the agreed areas 1-2 times per week. If you are able to offer your services for this task please email Alan Tilmouth at or call on 01670 512013.

Whilst the snow is currently thawing there can be no doubt that this period has left many farmland birds in very poor condition, ringing evidence in recent days supports this. Supplementary feeding in the targeted manner planned will hopefully help as many birds as possible recover condition ahead of any further cold snaps and for the breeding season ahead. Discussions are ongoing with Durham Bird Club and NNBC to widen this plan across as much of the North East as possible.

If you can help with this plan in any way please get in touch as soon as possible.

NTBC Committee


Anonymous said...

Nice new blog design. Old one got dusty?

Laura K

alan tilmouth said...

Hi Laura, thanks, Dusty Bins was a reference to my reputation locally for being somewhat irruptive in the local birding scene mainly due to work and family committments. Now that I'm finding some work I thought using my own name (brand?) would be better.