Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Dose of Thrush

I can honestly say I never imagined how pleasurable a good dose of Thrush could be until today. The snow, around up here for over a week, is pushing the birds that haven't fled into gardens in search of food and today we had a bumper bonanza of five Thrush species as well as a several other canny visitors. Our usual garden Blackbirds had their beaks well and truly tweaked today as a gang of Fieldfare dropped in and really upset the apple cart.

A Bit of Turf War

Looking at me or chewing a brick?
It is obvious however that the local Greenfinch population has been decimated. The survivor below is the only one we have had in the garden this week. At the beginning of 2009 they were on par with Blackbird for commonest garden bird.

The only bird that managed to best the Fieldfare was this Mistle Thrush, although he/she spent more time fighting, chasing and being generally loud than taking advantage of Asdas finest apples.

Mistle Thrush

Later on a Song Thrush joined the fray, although it was noticeable that this bird seemed to avoid the conflict and frequented parts of the garden that weren't filled with bloshy Fieldfare.
Song Thrush
The Tree Sparrow returned, spent most of day chewing grain and having the occasional skirmish with cousins.
Tree Sparrow
As did the Yellowhammer although he brought a mate to the party as well. Interesting that this bird seems to come into the garden late in the day, after 15:30, maybe it roosts nearby and feeds further away during the main part of the day.



Newton Stringer said...

Aren't fieldfares BRILLIANT !!

Great pics Alan..

Bob Bushell said...

That's a great number of birds, enjoying the sun in the snow. The Fiedfare and the Mistle Thrush are my favourites.