Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Collective Sigh Of Relief

Almost audible as it burst forth vetting the frustration of hundreds of birders up and down the land who in a combination of WeBS counts and patch birding and minor twitching finally got themselves out and birding this morning everywhere.
The result a busy day at work for me, nothing devastating found, although a belated report of another Black-throated Thrush from Somerset on 8th was interesting. A couple of Bonaparte's Gull and two well-watched Gyrfalcon the pick of the national scene. Locally find of the day goes to SS with his Shorelark pair up at Longhoughton Steel, depending on the weather they could prompt a trip to the beach for the kids tomorrow, apparently there are lots of Cows which will keep them amused for a while. Two Bewick's Swan a mile north of my parents house will be the alternative in poorer weather.
After a couple of Bird Aid grain collections later in the day J and I sneaked off to Linton where in dieing light we added the redhead Smew to this year's list, although sadly not self-found. Two Woodcock low over our heads in the gloom as we plodged back out along sodden paths were a bonus.

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