Monday, 7 December 2009

Probably The Best Conservation Idea Of The Year?

Those of you who come here regularly will know that my favourite bird blog is 10000birds. A three part tag team, two parts Yank with a Brit thrown in the mix, 10000birds is the benchmark by which all other bird blogs are measured. Their net is thrown wide and the content as a result is a stimulating blend of news, opinion, stories and images drawn from across the birding globe. The quality of writing and levels of detail are consistently high across a hugely diverse range of topics.
The conservation ethos that underpins much of what they do and many of the subjects they cover shines through and delivers a uniquely independent,often feisty but always insightful view of many of the most important species conservation challenges facing us today. Check out the Spoon-billed Sandpiper series of posts that represents everything I've just said and provides a clear, balanced and thought provoking resume of one of our most urgent conservation challenges.
Not content with shining light onto many worthy issues they have recently launched a 'Conservation Club' with a twist. First up you have to pay 15 (gbp)-ish for membership and you immediately get a warm feeling from the fact that every penny of that(less the Paypal fee) goes to conservation projects. So passionate are the 10000birds team their not taken a penny (or a cent) in administration fees, pure unadulterated philanthropy driven by a shared concern that not enough is being done and that they and like minded others can make a difference.
It gets even more impressive when you realise that as a perk of joining you get to enter into a year long series of product giveaways of birding related material that the team have been giving to review or have managed to prise from the grasp of publishers, optics companies etc as a contribution to conservation.
The list of giveaways is already extremely impressive with all three Sound Approach books, free membership of WWT, three as yet un-named (they're sure to be good) donations from Birdguides, all in the first two weeks.
So look, its Christmas, its better to give than receive, think how much you're going to spend in the coming weeks on unnecessary garbage that you don't really need and this becomes a no brainer really, go join because it really is the best conservation idea of the year, it will make a difference and you might get something back. Read about it here and here

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