Monday, 28 December 2009

Meadow Slipit

Sunshine and time to use it are often not in synchronicity during the winter months so I took advantage of an hour late afternoon after we had been out as a family to Newbiggin to try and make the most of a bright calm afternoon.
Newbiggin still has several Mediterranean Gull floating about, you could pick the translucent primaries out with the naked eye as they chased about the bay in the early afternoon sun.
I headed back to QE2 as I didn't want to go too far. I was a little surprised when I arrived to find some competition as two other local lens were strolling about the foreshore waving their Canons about. It has to be said that when I arrived most of the birds were behind them on the water but then Keith Reeder and Mark Mowbray probably wouldn't mind me saying they are photographers first and birders second.
With the light coming from the south west I tried to concentrate on the small stuff, four Meadow Pipit and a male Pied Wagtail were fairly confiding as a result of the cold snap. I made the mistake of forgetting about the ice as I attempted to get between them and the sun and an inadvertent step on a slope resulted in me getting a good layer of goose shit on my back and arm and a wrist that is starting ache tonight. Luckily the camera stayed clean and I'm hoping neither Keith or Mark were quick enough to catch me on my arse. It seems to have been the day for taking a tumble. Was it worth it? You judge.

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Mark Mowbray said...

Very nice pics Alan and great to bump into you.

I missed your slip but I have got one of you hiding behind the bin stalking the pipits covered in mud but i'll keep that one for another post on my blog!