Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cracking Nutshells

This week has offered a little taste of the incredible energy and efforts that go on behind the scenes when a 'mega' gets reported and it certainly gets the adrenalin pumping. First up Christmas Day I got a call from a fellow member of the team alerting me to an image that had been uploaded that would have been a huge bird if the ID was correct. Several opinions later and it all came to nothing but dashing upstairs to log on and check it out gave almost the same rush that we have all experienced in the field when your heading for a big one.
Tonight we had one of those sightings that split opinion, a Nutcracker, inland (in Worcestershire) two days old, single observer and no images. When I saw the three red !!! ping up and the species name in the box I immediately had mixed feelings. A few emails later and some background from the observer and the record goes out.
I noticed the vultures were up quickly from their roosts on Birdforum looking for bones to pick over, it would be tremendous to see the bird re-found in the area tomorrow to stop the squawkers in their tracks.
With single observers and time lag it is impossible to be absolute but in this instance the observers responses to my questioning were credible and assured, let's hope its the first of a few in the continued cold spell that would herald a superb start to the new decade wouldn't it?

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