Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Calm Before The Storm

Another mild and sunny December day prompted a lunchtime walk with the Tetrad Twins into the scrub north of our garden and along to a gap under two hedgerow oaks where someone has snipped the barbed wire allowing the kids to balance in a death defying display of agility and courage eight inches off the ground. The view north isn't bad either.
One field over, a pristine looking vixen switched between chilling in the breeze, ears bent back and lazily hunting the grassland with the odd pounce here and there. Despite the Fox being downwind and the hysterical giggling from my two tightrope walkers it appeared oblivious to our presence.
Southbound Goldfinch each one tinkling calls seemingly appropriate for the coming season broke the midday silence. A single Sparrowhawk soared eastward over the nearby grain store as the sound of a single shotgun lifted a field of Woodpigeon and pricked up the ears of the Fox and my twins. A small skein of geese (sp) in the hazy eastern sky will have to remain as just a small part of a larger scene too far away for more specific identification.
This could be my last blog for a while as I have eight days work from the next nine. In the past that might have been cause for gloom and a requirement to exercise willpower to stay focused however when the schedule reads:

one day as a small cog in the Birdguides wheel
two days offshore surveying seabirds in the North Sea
five days in Andalucia acquiring familiarisation with that region's birdlife

I think I can be excused the occasional grin that slips out about once every 42 minutes.

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